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Timothy Adams DDS


Welcome to Maize Family Dentistry.  Our practice has been serving northwest Wichita for sixteen years.    We have finally finished construction and we are open for Business at our new location at 45th and North Maize.  Right across the street from Maize Middle school.  We are thrilled with our new facility and happy to accept new patients.   

Dr. Adams attended Creighton School of Dentistry in Omaha and has Thirty years of dental experience.  Our staff has a combined 140 years of dental experience.    

We are happy to see your entire family for all of their dental needs.  We believe in keeping dentistry affordable.  Our prices are often much lower than many of the other dentists in the area.   We accept most  of the major Dental Insurance reimbursements.   We are happy to help you with this as well. 

We value each patient and are as gentle and caring as possible.  Our belief is to treat each patient as family and we love treating children.  

Our practice is located within easy highway access from North Wichita, Maize, Valley Center and West Wichita.  We are always accepting new patients.  

We look forward to helping you with all your dental needs.



Same Day Dentistry.     We leave time everyday for emergencies.   Broken tooth?   Pain?   Call us and we will likely see you today.  

NITROUS OXIDE.   Available in each room and low in cost. Nitrous helps many of our patients relax and actually enjoy their visits.   Whether used during a cleaning, filling, or a more involved procedure, our patients enjoy Nitrous Oxide. It is safe, effective, and popular.  

FILLINGS.  We offer the latest in composite (white) fillings, as well as amalgam, which is the traditional silver.  We encourage our patients to inquire about each type of filling, learn the benefits of each type,  and choose for themselves which filling they would prefer.  Our knowledgeable staff can answer questions to help each patient know which material is best for them.

CROWNS AND BRIDGES.   When a tooth is severely broken or a tooth is missing, a crown or bridge is often the correct treatment.  We use methods and materials that have held up well over the test of time.  Many of our patients report that they have forgotten which tooth has the crown. Our staff is highly experienced to provide an aesthetic match to the natural teeth.  Often, patients cannot remember which tooth was fixed.  No news is often good news in dentistry.  

ROOT CANALS.   At our practice, we do a number of root canals.  This allows patients to retain teeth that may have caused a great deal of pain or had deep decay.   The root canal procedure is often much easier than they were led to believe.  We often refer complicated root canals to an endodontist who has the expertise and skills to help keep the tooth healthy for a lifetime.  

EXTRACTIONS.   We love to keep teeth, rather than extract them.  However, it is inevitable, a tooth will need to be removed under certain circumstances.  We do our best to make sure it is done with skill and minimal stress .  

DENTURES and PARTIALS.  We enjoy dentures and partials and we have great experience in making them.   We realize that dentures are not a replacement for teeth, but rather a replacement for NO teeth.  The partials and dentures we construct  last and function wonderfully for years.  

CLEANINGS AND EXAMS.   Teeth need consistent cleanings and exams.  Our experienced hygienists do an excellent job in helping patients maintain their oral health. We also perform an oral cancer screening during each exam.    

CHILDREN'S DENTISTRY.   We love children of all ages and enjoy helping them learn how to maintain and care for their oral health.  

COSMETIC DENTISTRY.  Our staff recognizes the importance of a beautiful smile.  With our experience, knowledge, and expertise in cosmetic dentistry, we are thrilled when we can help our patients feel great about their teeth.

TECHNOLOGY.   Our office is equipped with the latest dental technology.  This technology is essential in assisting our patients achieve optimal oral health.      

We hope to see you at our office soon.  We are conveniently located at the southeast corner of Maize Road and 45th Street North.   

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We are now open for regular business Mon-Thursday 8-5